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  • WOMEN: Wear solid clothing or if you do wear a pattern limit it to muted darker tones. Designs in clothing have a tendency to quickly be dated and distract from the most important part of the portrait, your beautiful face. It is also helpful and sliming that women DO NOT wear sleeveless tops. I will repeat 
  • MAKEUP for WOMEN: Come with your makeup the way you would normally wear it. However, we strongly suggest you use our experienced makeup artist. Nancy Vela will take what you have on and enhance your best features. Ms Vela has vast knowledge, talent and experience in video and photo makeup to compliment our lighting environment and enhance your best features.
  • However, if you feel like you want to forge on your own the general rule on makeup is to wear it as if you are going out on for an evening dress event. If you feel it’s a little too much, it is generally good with the lighting I use. False eyelashes are a great enhancement, too and are available to purchase before the session.
  • MAKEUP for MEN: If you love seeing every fault and wrinkle then have at it. But I would STRONGLY suggest even men get makeup for your video. Shooting in 4K has some great advantages but the disadvantage is showing detail that you might not want to come through on camera. SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT IT.
  • HAIR: It's a very personal thing. So we like you to come with it the way you like and we can arrange, adjust, spray until you are happy!
  • JEWELRY: Bring a few things you like and look good with your outfit to have options. Less is the new black 
  • MEN: If you need a corporate look, jacket and/or tie, solid colored shirts, i.e. light blue, beige, black, etc. Pure white would be the last option. If there is a pattern, please limit to a light pattern. I heard paisley is making a comeback but it will be outdated as soon as you leave! Complementary colored ties, plain or mild patterns are also good. Save the Jerry Garcia tie for the after party unless it's really cool. 
  • CREATIVES: Be fun, think of how your photo will be seen and what it will say. Clothing helps sell the shot but should not be the hero. Bring your personality! Sweaters, shirt, darker colors, (again if you want your photos to last longer, solid or mild darker patterns) Or wear something you feel very comfortable in. If you've been pumping iron and want to show the guns, cover them and we'll save it for another shoot!
  • BACKGROUNDS:  BLACK, WHITE, are considered best and we can discuss before the session. The goal is to make it as universal as possible to work with any color on LinkedIn or your website. 



Pricing for a normal video session is $1200 but during la kart/Serendipity Labs/Audia event  it' start at $495. HUGE SAVINGS! Special lighting to bring out your best, your own password protected Vimeo link to view you video website. 

READ CANCELLATION POLICY IN THE WEE LITTLE FONT. IT'S IMPORTANT We apologize but due to the special pricing, there is a charge of 1/2 of your photo fee for cancellations prior of 2 weeks of your session. If your cancellation is within the 2 week period it  is non refundable. 


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About two weeks after the video session, you'll receive an email with your own personal, protected Vimeo link. This will be your first edit without color adjustments, etc.  The finished edit will be sent to you via WeTransfer email in MPEG or .mov whichever works best for you, your website or LinkedIn. 

May the force be with you during the session.


Audia and la kart team!



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